Beautiful locations

From the beaches of Portugal, to the Great Ocean Road in south east Australia, experience the beautiful natural environments of the world's most serene locations .

Soothing sounds

Tune in, and relax​ wherever you are; Listen to a selection of melodious, ambient music or choose one of our guided meditation voices to accompany the visual and meditative experience.

real experienceS

Immerse yourself in high resolution 360 videos from around the world, with spacial audio – hearing the waves gently lapping on the sea shore and watch the ripples created by a soft breeze.

deep relaxation

Yoga Nidra, one of the most popular and effective techniques for providing physical, mental and emotional relaxation, you'll be rested and refreshed in no time.

Beautiful 360 video & CGI

Watch the ripples created by a soft breeze.
Hear the waves gently lapping on the sea shore.
Using high resolution 360 video and spatial audio.

Guided meditations

Let go and relax by taking a guided meditation known as Yoga Nidra. Or select a breath awareness meditation. In various lengths and voices.
Created by experienced meditation teachers.

Soothing music

Listen from a selection of melodious, ambient music to accompany the visual and meditative experience.



VR is not a new technology, and has over two decades of research supporting its high clinical efficacy. Nowadays, VR has been established as a powerful tool for the assessment, study and treatment of a variety of mental health and behavioral issues



Controlled studies have shown that VR may evoke the same reactions, thoughts and emotions as experiences in a real-world situation. This is due its ability to induce a high level of presence or the illusion of “being there” within the simulated scenario.



Research has already demonstrated the effectiveness of VR to treat stress and anxiety disorders. A large number of studies have already shown that VR-based interventions has greater efficacy and efficiency than traditional relaxation techniques.



1. Who should use Relax VR?

Relax VR has been designed to help anyone who wants to relax or is experiencing  stress or anxiety. It is  great for:

     -- Anybody unable to access relaxing environments when they want due to time, cost or immobility
     -- Anybody travelling - e.g. in cars, trains, buses, aeroplanes
     -- Office workers for a quick time-out during the day
     -- Hospital patients
     -- People in aged care homes
     -- Students before taking an exam
     -- Actors / presenters before going on stage

2. What do I need to start using Relax VR?

To use Relax VR you need a mobile phone and a compatible virtual reality headset. These include:
    * Google Cardboard (including Zeiss VR one, View Master & Noon VR)  
   * Samsung Gear VR
   * Daydream
To use the app, download Relax VR onto your phone via the corresponding app store (i.e. Google Play Store, iOS App Store or Oculus Store) and then use the headset to start your experience.

3. What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method inducing physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is normally done lying down, but can also be done in a seated position. It consists of numerous stages, and the beginning few - body rotation and breath awareness - are taught in Relax VR. Yoga Nidra was adapted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the ancient Indian tantric practice of Nyasa in the 1960's.

4. What's the point of closing my eyes in VR?

Closing your eyes has a significant physiological effect, one of which is a greater relaxation response. We encourage you to close your eyes during meditations once you've seen your surroundings and feel like you really are at the location you've chosen. Combining the sense of presence enabled by VR with the powerful relaxation effects of closed-eye meditations provides the greatest relaxation effect.

5. Why should I use Virtual Reality to relax?

Virtual reality can be used to experience relaxing environments on a more frequent basis. Research has shown that mediated virtual environments are capable of inducing the same emotional feelings and reactions as those expected in the real world, once a sense of presence has been created. 

This means that a 360 degree video of a beautiful, peaceful beach will induce the same positive emotions as a real beach. There is also enough scientific evidence now that shows  skills learned within a virtual world (e.g. relaxation skills) are easily transferred to the real world.

6. Does VR have scientific support?

For more than 20 years, controlled studies have been conducted to assess the efficacy of Virtual Reality as an intervention tool in mental health. These studies have largely demonstrated the clinical efficacy of VR showing that VR-based interventions have more efficacy and efficiency than most traditional techniques for overcoming stress and anxiety. In particular, the use of VR as a relaxation tool has demonstrated its utility in reducing stress and in cultivating positive emotions in both clinical and non-clinical populations.

7. I'm hearing some noise in the background. What's wrong?

If you are using the Gear VR with Bluetooth headsets and are experiencing issues with sound, we recommend you change your headsets for wired headphones. This is a known issue with Samsung Gear VR.

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