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July 21, 2021

3 Easy Ways to Offer Relax VR at Your Spa

June 10, 2019
3 Easy Ways to Offer Relax VR at Your Spa

The Relax VR treatment can easily pair with most services currently on your menu, adding great value and impressing your clients with exciting technology.

Most clients are truly WOW- ed! by this cutting edge tech that truly transports you to exotic worlds and landscapes of real relaxation. Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate VR into your existing offerings.

1. The Promo

The promo protocol gives clients a taste of virtual reality through a short 5 min vacation to a choice of 2 locations.

Clients will be able to get a taste of the immersive world of a virtual reality vacay and once they’ve experienced this teaser, they’ll want to try other locations with guided meditations for the full experience. This is perfect for special events e.g. combining a free Relax VR experience with a raffle for services or discounts.

  • Duration: 5 min
  • When: Special events, before/after treatments
  • Choice of 2 locations
  • No meditation

Woman sitting on a rock looking out a beautiful ocean waves and landscapes

2. The Combo

The combo protocol leverages existing treatments to attract customers, and up-sells a Relax VR experience with a choice of 5 locations and a breath awareness meditation.

Combining virtual reality with existing treatments is a great way to generate excitement around a differentiated offering. Clients who are curious will come in for their standard treatment and be willing to pay a higher price to have a new experience. It will also help customers enjoy their existing treatments more thoroughly e.g. get them more relaxed and present before their massage.

Whether it helps to get centered and let go of outside cares or part of a treatment, clients report feeling like they are receiving a massage on a secluded vacation.

  • Duration: 10 min
  • When: Pre-treatment, or with massage/ foot massage
  • Choice of 5 locations
  • Includes breath awareness meditation

Two women lying face down about to get a massage. A massage therapist pouring oil onto his hand just above the back of one woman.

3. The Virtual Meditation Vacation

This is the most comprehensive protocol which presents Relax VR as an independent treatment on your menu, giving clients a choice of 10 locations and a deep relaxation meditation.

This protocol is for clients who have tried the promo or combo and want to continue to the full experience, or for those adventurous types who want to try something brand new! The variety of locations will have them coming back to experience new locales while the deep relaxation meditation will help them truly let go — a real meditation vacation!

  • Duration: 30 min
  • When: Individual treatment or add on to other services
  • Choice of 10 locations
  • Deep relaxation meditation

Virtual reality headset on grass
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