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Use Virtual Reality, Meditation, Aromatherapy & Binaural Beats to Provide a Deeply Immersive Relaxation Experience


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Differentiate from the Competition

Wellness isn’t confined to spas anymore. As hospitals, airports, and corporate spaces adopt spa-like ambiances, your spa can leap ahead of the curve. Offer something others don't - become the future of relaxation with Relax VR.

Boost Profits with Minimal Effort

Are labor costs draining your revenue? With traditional treatments, you're spending heaps on hiring, training, and managing staff. But imagine a world where a revolutionary treatment only needs 5 minutes of your staff's time. That's Relax VR for you! And guess what? It’s also a great avenue to upsell your existing products.

Offer a Low-Touch Treatment

The world's changed post-lockdown. Touch might be a sensitive topic for many. Be the spa that understands, cares, and evolves. Introduce your guests to Relax VR—a calming, low-touch experience that ensures their comfort and peace of mind.


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Beautiful Landscapes

From the beaches of Seychelles, to the Great Ocean Road in south east Australia, experience the beautiful natural environments of the world's most serene locations. Watch the ripples created by a soft breeze.
Hear the waves gently lapping on the sea shore.

Select from 15 real-world  locations, with high quality 360 video from beaches, forests, rivers, waterfalls, flower fields, northern lights, underwater and above the clouds.

Person sitting in meditation icon

Guided Meditations

Let go and relax by taking some of our specialised guided meditations created by experienced teachers.

A journey from the external to the internal; we gently guide your awareness from the beautiful outer visual environment to calm inner meditative states.
Select from Breath Awareness, Deep Breathing, or Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) in 5min, 10min, 15min or 20min lengths.

Headphones icon

Binaural Beat Music

Tune in and let go​ to the soft resonant tunes of binaural beat music.

Gentle notes of calming ambient music interlaced with steady binaural beats will accompany your visual experience.

Whether you're lying at the beach, taking in the sounds of the forest, or flying above the clouds, our music will elevate your experience to the sublime. Select from 9 high quality tracks.

Aroma icon

Natural Aromas

Let the fresh scents of our pure essential oil blends transport you in a way like never before.

Savor the woodsy smell of forests in New Zealand, the enchanting aroma of the Egyptian Red Sea, the sweet flower fields in Germany, and more.

Relax VR's pioneering treatment uses a patent-pending device to offer pure essential-oil blends uniquely crafted for each of its virtual landscapes.

It has so many applications and excellent customer service.

Deborah Kellogg
Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage

The staff and the clients are absolutely loving the experience ✌️

Lavanya Spa Retreat

"It was pure relaxation! I loved it that I went back 3 more times for the treatment so I could try more of the amazing destinations that you can choose."


"Omg!! I love it! I always said I wanted to go to the beach and relax, this brings tears to my eyes because I'm mentally there and I love everything about it! No need for a real expensive vacation. Thank you!"

Milinda Catalano

Example Protocols‍‍‍

The Immersive Spa Journey

Transform your spa into an oasis of tranquility and take your clients on an exotic escape without ever leaving the room. Our specially designed Immersive Spa Journey fuses your existing treatments with immersive virtual journeys, crafting a multi-sensory spa experience like no other. Read our comprehensive guide for tips and details.

The VR Vacation

Who says you need to book a flight to go on vacation? With The VR Vacation protocol, offer your clients the rejuvenating escape they've been yearning for, right at your spa. Make it a standalone star attraction on your menu and keep your clients eagerly coming back for more.

Relax VR virtual reality headset

This past Saturday was my spa Grand Opening with the VR and my clients absolutely LOVE IT!! Thank you for creating this great product!

-- Britney Hill, H.E.R. Spa

Benefits of our packages

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Quick & Easy to use

No wires, no batteries, no computer setup.
We know your time is important.
Start our experience with the press of a button.

Feather light icon

Small, Light & Comfortable

We use small, light VR headsets.
This helps with posture and creates a more soothing, relaxing overall experience.

Safeguard clean icon


Easy to wipe down with a non-absorbent padding.
Disposable face masks included for providing that extra level of hygiene.

Virtual reality icon


Blue light overexposure is detrimental to health.
We filter out blue light so your customers won't feel like they're back at their computer screen.

Marketing assistance icon

Marketing assistance

We help you promote Relax VR to your customers.
Whether it's for your social media page or website, we provide you the marketing assets you need.

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Long battery life

Our hardware will run for at least 3 hours continuously before needing to be recharged.

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1. Why shouldn't I use a Meta Quest 3 for my spa?

The Meta Quest 3 does not provide a sense of smell (olfactory stimuli), making it a less immersive experience.

In addition, the Meta Quest 3 is a consumer VR device built specifically for gaming. In a spa environment, it poses several problems:

  • Heavier: The Meta Quest 3 is a front-heavy headset weighing 1.14 lbs (515g). Our headset by comparison weighs less at 1.08 lbs (490g), and is much more evenly balanced than the Meta Quest 3, making it significantly more comfortable to wear.

 • Less Hygienic: Meta Quest 2 comes with soft cushioning that easily absorbs sweat, skin debris and dirt and is difficult to wipe down properly. Relax VR's headset uses PU face inserts that are easy to clean and hygienic for mass use.

 Cumbersome: The Meta Quest requires synchronisation with a phone and 2 controllers. These additional setup time, can confuse staff, and are unnecessary for a relaxation experience.

 • Lower Immersion/Wired Audio:  The Meta Quest 3 does not support Bluetooth headphones. This means you either have to use the low-immersion in-built speakers, or use wired headphones. Relax VR's package comes with wireless noise cancelling headphones for the easiest, highest quality audio immersion.

 • Unrestricted Open Store:  The Meta Quest 2 can't be locked into a single application and its home screen is the Oculus app store. This means customers can exit the app/experience and get lost in the app store or even download other apps/content.

Regular battery replacement: The Meta Quest 2 requires two AA batteries for its controllers. With heavy use, these need replacement every few weeks, adding to maintenance, costs and waste.

2. Do you provide a trial?

We don't provide a trial, however we do provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with the product for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days and receive a full refund.

3. Does it use wires? Do you need to connect it to a PC?

No wires or PC are required during operation. The Relax VR headset works independently, and our wireless headphones can be connected via Bluetooth. The only time wires are required are for charging the headset and headphones after use.

4. Does it need WiFi?

No. WiFi connection is only necessary when downloading and installing software updates.

5. How is it cleaned?

The disposable face masks provided should be used as a first level of protection. After each use the headset should be wiped down with antibacterial wipes. This will achieve a standard level of hygiene. For medical grade UV-C light disinfection, ask us for details.