Relax VR


Use Virtual Reality and Meditation to
Provide Clients a Deeply Immersive Relaxation Experience


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Differentiate from the Competition

The 'Wellness-everywhere' trend poses new competition to spas. Hospitals, airports, offices are all becoming spa-like. Greater differentiation is key.

Increase Revenue

Payroll devours 60% or more of spa revenues.
Labor-intensive treatments such as massage require hiring, training and managing quality staff on a constant basis.

Target Millennials

Soon-to-be the largest spa-going demographic, they take a holistic view of health that includes mental wellness. As digital natives, they love new technology.


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Beautiful Landscapes

From the beaches of Portugal, to the Great Ocean Road in south east Australia, experience the beautiful natural environments of the world's most serene locations. Watch the ripples created by a soft breeze.
Hear the waves gently lapping on the sea shore.

Select from high quality videos of 12 real-world locations from around the world including beaches, forests, rivers, waterfalls, flower fields, northern lights, underwater and above the clouds.

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Guided Meditations

Let go and relax by taking some of our specialised guided meditations created by expert teachers.
A journey from the external to the internal; we gently guide your awareness from the beautiful outer visual environment to calm inner meditative states.
Select from Breath Awareness, or Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) in male or female voices. Select from 5min, 10min, 15min or 20min lengths.

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Soothing Music

Tune in, and relax​ wherever you are. Listen to a selection of calming, ambient music to accompany your visual and meditative experience. Whether you're lying at the beach, taking in the sounds of the forest, or flying above the clouds, our music will elevate your experience to the sublime.

Select from 10 high quality tracks.

"Omg!! I love it! I always said I wanted to go to the beach and relax, this brings tears to my eyes because I'm mentally there and I love everything about it! No need for a real expensive vacation. Thank you!"

Milinda Catalano

The staff and the clients are absolutely loving the experience ✌️

Lavanya Spa Retreat

"It was pure relaxation! I loved it that I went back 3 more times for the treatment so I could try more of the amazing destinations that you can choose."


Example Protocols

The Immersive Spa Journey

Combine existing spa offerings with virtual journeys to exotic locations, designing multi-sensory spa experiences that will blow your clients' mind! This protocol creates an immersive spa journey involving all five senses - something unique that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

The VR Vacation

This protocol presents Relax VR as an independent treatment on your menu. The variety of locations will have them coming back to experience new locales while the deep relaxation meditation will help them truly let go — a real meditation vacation!

Relax VR virtual reality headset

Offering Relax VR certainly had a lot of interest and appealed to the fun, curious type of client who wanted to try something new.

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Benefits of our packages

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Quick & Easy to use

No wires, no batteries, no computer setup.
We know your time is important.
Start our experience with the press of a button.

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Small, Light & Comfortable

We use small, light VR headsets.
This helps with posture and creates a more soothing, relaxing overall experience.

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Easy to wipe down with a non-absorbent padding.
Disposable face masks included for providing that extra level of hygiene.

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Blue light overexposure is detrimental to health.
We filter out blue light so your customers won't feel like they're back at their computer screen.

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Marketing assistance

We help you promote Relax VR to your customers.
Whether it's for your social media page or website, we provide you the marketing assets you need.

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Long battery life

Our hardware will run for at least 3 hours continuously before needing to be recharged.

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1. Why shouldn't I use an Oculus Quest 2 for my spa?

The Oculus Quest 2 is a consumer VR device built specifically for playing games. In a commercial environment, it poses several problems:

 • Lower resolution: The Oculus Quest 2 has a resolution of 3.5K (1832 x 1920 per eye), while the headsets we use are 4K (1920 x 2160 per eye). This means pixels on the Oculus Quest 2's screen are more visible, leading to a lower sense of immersion.

  • Front heavy: The Oculus Quest 2 weighs 503g, a huge 80% heavier than our headset, which weighs 278g, making our headset significantly more comfortable to wear.

 • Less hygienic: Oculus Quest 2 comes with soft cushioning that easily absorbs sweat, skin debris and dirt and is difficult to wipe down properly.

 • Lower immersion/wired audio:  The Oculus Quest 2 does not support Bluetooth headphones. This means you either have to use the low-immersion in-built speakers, or use wired headphones. Our package comes with wireless noise cancelling headphones for the easiest, highest quality audio immersion.

 • Unrestricted open store:  The Oculus Quest 2 can't be locked into a single application and its home screen is the Oculus app store. This means customers can exit the app/experience and get lost in the app store or even download other apps/content.

Requires AA batteries: The Oculus Quest 2 requires two AA batteries for its controllers. With heavy use, these need replacement every few weeks, adding to maintenance, costs and waste.

 • Cumbersome: The Oculus Quest 2 requires synchronisation with a phone and 2 controllers. These add additional setup time, can confuse new users, and are unnecessary for a relaxation experience.

2. Do you provide a trial?

We don't provide a trial, however we do provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with the product for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days and receive a full refund.

3. Does it use wires? Do you need to connect it to a PC?

No wires or PC are required during operation. The Relax VR headset works independently, and our wireless headphones can be connected via Bluetooth. The only time wires are required are for charging the headset and headphones after use.

4. How do you navigate the experience? Is there a controller?

The Relax VR headset has a button on its right side which is used to select content such as locations and meditations from the menu. Users can point to different experiences by moving their head - the pointer follows their gaze.

5. Does it need WiFi?

No. WiFi connection is only necessary when downloading and installing software updates.

6. How is it cleaned?

The disposable face masks provided should be used as a first level of protection. After each use the headset should be wiped down with alcohol-free antibacterial wipes. This will achieve a standard level of hygiene. For medical grade UV-C light disinfection, ask us for details.