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About us

Sourabh Jain

Founder, CEO

Sourabh is an entrepreneur with a passion for wellness and technology.

He brings a decade of experience in software development at organisations including IBM and Singtel Optus, and has had a  personal yoga and meditation practice for more than 15 years. Prior to Relax VR he founded 2 wellness apps: Yoga Insight, the only yoga tracker available on mobile; and Yoga Nidra, a meditation app.

Sourabh has a Bachelor of Information Technology from  the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), a Co-op scholarship program. He has also completed a 3 year Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training from the Satyananda Yoga Academy Australasia.

Sourabh spent several years working at IBM and Singtel Optus in programming and software development roles. working on major corporate and government accounts in a variety of roles.

Sourabh also spent one and a half years living, working and learning at the Bihar School of Yoga, India as part of the Sannyasa Training Course; an intense, in-depth training and exposure to yoga, sannyasa and spiritual life.

Sourabh was doing the MBA in Entrepreneurship at UTS before deciding to  pursue Relax VR full time.

Ivan Alsina Jurnet


Ivan Alsina-Jurnet is a psychologist, professor and researcher with 15 years of experience in the design and development of VR applications in mental health. Ivan's primary area of interest is in use of emerging technologies to empower people. The strong desire to improve the quality of people's lives led him to join the Relax VR team.

Ivan was the creator of “TAVE” , the first VR application in the world to treat test anxiety in University students. He has designed VR systems to treat anxiety disorders, evaluate body image disorders, train oratory skills or to manage acute pain. He has published his works in prestigious national and international journals related to the area of health and new technologies such as Computers in Human Behaviour, International Journal of Human Computer Studies and Behavior Research Methods.

Prior to Relax VR, Ivan has worked in a variety of Spanish companies such as Virtualware, Psious, Sinaptiks and Humantiks as well as in international and national research projects in the University of Barcelona (UB). These were focused on the development of VR applications for the study, assessment or treatment of psychological diseases.

Today, Ivan is adjunct-professor at the UVIC-UCC University where he is teaching subjects related to the use of New Technologies in Psychology and is leading the scientific activities of Relax VR. He is also responsible of the alliances and partnerships in Europe.

Hitesh Dhanwani

Designer / Developer

Hitesh Dhanwani is both a programmer and a designer who is drawn towards innovation in the fields of health and wellbeing, assistive technology, and creative technology.

He graduated cum laude taking up Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and also has a Masters Degree in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney.

He has worked on body-based interaction projects and is the programmer of Flurry, an interactive architectural sculpture situated at the forecourt of the Opera House at Vivid Sydney 2016.

He has worked on virtual reality projects as part of the Pricewaterhousecoopers' virtual reality team in Sydney. He also developed an interactive breathing relaxation application in VR for his master's capstone project.

He tinkers, tests, fails, learns, and repeats the process until a design or tech challenge is met.

Alejandro Cáceres

3D Artist

Alejandro is a 3D Artist who wants to show how 3D models and rendered environments can be used in Virtual Reality space.

After completing his Bachelor of Technology in both Spanish and French, he decided to delve in the 3D industry. He’s currently studying 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments at the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia with the intention of using 3D environments across different fields such as research and medicine.

Alejandro has worked in the industry as a 3D generalist and has spent more time in designing models and textures for various characters and objects. He also has worked on several personal projects.

His goal is to create virtual worlds to induce a state of calm and relaxation for users as well as to improve the quality of life, health, and the emotional well-being of people.

Anuraj Gambhir

Strategy Advisor

Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally recognised strategic business advisor, technology visionary and innovation evangelist.

As an Innovation catalyst Anuraj assists organisations (from mentoring startups to consulting with mature entities) to spearhead their innovation agenda. He has over 25 yrs experience working across the mobile ecosystem spanning 5 continents.  Prominent companies he has worked for include: NASA/JPL, Optus, Logica/Aethos, T-Mobile, Orange, GSM Association, Sharp, Siemens, Spice, Ericsson, MTS, Globacom.  

Anuraj has worked from hands-on technical roles to senior executive management positions and is regarded by many as an industry visionary. He is a valued advisory board member of several organizations globally and also involved with teaching as adjunct faculty. He has spearheaded several innovations in the advanced as well as grass-root level mobile domain in mature and emerging markets.

Some major areas of his focus have been in mobile content/media/entertainment (multimedia convergence), mEducation, mHealth, emerging smart devices, Internet of Everything, HNI (Human-Nature Interface) and seamless access as a part of the connected world.

Linda Jacobson

Marketing Advisor

Linda Jacobson is an award-winning pioneer in the field of virtual reality. She brings extensive experience in hardware and software marketing, content production, IP protection, and partner acquisition.

Linda teams with startups on go-to-market and growth strategies, focused on enterprise-facing VR, augmented reality, and IoT. She also partners with healthcare professionals to pilot consumer-facing tech products for cognitive stimulation and pain relief. Her track record of influencing corporate strategy has resulted in increased brand awareness and market share -- and, she hopes, enhanced quality of life for people everywhere.

Previously, Linda led communications at Xerox PARC and worked at Silicon Graphics as VR Evangelist.

Linda previously was co-founding editor of Wired and EQ magazines and author of Garage Virtual Reality and CyberArts: Exploring Art & Technology. In the '90s, she performed throughout the U.S. as a 3D CGI puppet (using motion-capture gear) with world-music ensemble D'Cuckoo.

Linda is the 2016 recipient of the Virtual Worlds Society's Nextant medallion for her contributions to the field. She holds a BS in journalism from Boston University.

Personal excellence through virtual reality relaxation

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