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Virtual Reality for Hotel, Medical & Day Spas

Help clients leave the world behind

Differentiate from the Competition

The 'Wellness-everywhere' trend poses new competition to spas.
Hospitals, airports, offices are all becoming spa-like.
Greater differentiation is key.

Minimise Payroll Costs

Payroll devours 60% or more of spa revenues.
Labor-intensive treatments require hiring, training and managing quality staff on a constant basis.

Target Millennials

Soon-to-be the largest spa-going demographic, they take a holistic view of health that includes mental wellness. As digital natives, they love new technology.

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Beautiful Locations

Help clients escape to the beaches of Australia, forests of Germany or soar through clouds.
Select from a multitude of exotic locations.

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Guided meditations

We use proven meditation techniques such as Yoga Nidra and breath awareness with both male and female voices.

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Soothing music

Listen from our selection of melodious, ambient music to accompany the visual and meditative experience.

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Virtual Reality (VR) is not a new technology, and has over two decades of research supporting its high clinical efficacy. It is a powerful tool for the treatment of mental health & behavioural issues.



Studies have shown that Virtual Reality can evoke the same reactions, thoughts and emotions as experiences in a real-world situation. i.e. visiting a virtual beach can make you feel the same way as you would on a real beach!



Numerous studies have shown that Virtual Reality based treatments are more efficient and more effective at reducing stress and anxiety than some traditional techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Offering Relax VR certainly had a lot of interest and appealed to the fun, curious type of client who wanted to try something new.

Benefits of our packages

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Easy to wipe down with a non-absorbent padding.
Disposable face masks included for providing that extra level of hygiene.

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Small, Light & Comfortable

We use small, light VR headsets.
This helps with posture and creates a more soothing, relaxing overall experience.

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Quick & Easy to use

No wires, no batteries, no computer setup.
We know your time is important.
Start our experience with the press of a button.

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Blue light overexposure is detrimental to health.
We filter out blue light so your customers won't feel like they're back at their computer screen.

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Marketing assistance

We help you promote Relax VR to your customers.
Whether it's for your social media page or website, we provide you the marketing assets you need.

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Long battery life

Our hardware will run for at least 3 hours continuously before needing to be recharged.

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1. Why can't I use phone-based VR like Google Cardboard or Gear VR for my spa?

In a commercial environment, phone-based VR systems pose a number of problems:

 • Overheating: Phone based systems overheat after 15-20min of continuous usage. This causes the experience to stutter, degrade in performance, and can lead to user discomfort from the heat itself.

 • Low performance: The vast majority of phone-based systems have lower resolution, refresh rate and processing power than standalone headsets. This means users are more likely to experience low quality visuals, performance lag and nausea.

 • Hygiene: Most phone based headsets come with soft cushioning which easily absorbs sweat and is hard to wipe down. Phone based headsets have more moving parts and small nooks that make them harder to clean properly.

 • Cumbersome: Starting up and shutting down a phone based headset takes more time and is more complicated than a standalone headset. This results in lost time for the customer, and confused employees.

2. Why shouldn't I use an Oculus Go for my spa?

In a commercial environment the Oculus Go poses several problems:

 • Hygiene: Oculus Go comes with soft cushioning that easily absorbs sweat, skin debris and dirt and is difficult to wipe down properly.

 • Battery Life: The Oculus Go has a 2hr battery life, and requires 3hrs to fully recharge. This can be a problem serving multiple clients on the same day. Our headsets have 50% more battery life than the Oculus Go.

 • Low immersion/wired audio:  The Oculus Go does not support Bluetooth headphones. This means you either have to use the low-immersion in-built speakers, or use wired headphones. Our package comes with wireless noise cancelling headphones for the easiest, highest quality audio immersion.

 • Open store:  The Oculus Go can't be locked into a single application and its home screen is the Oculus app store. This means customers can exit the app/experience and get lost in the app store or even download other apps/content.  

Controller:  The Oculus Go requires the synchronisation and use of a controller. This adds additional setup time, can confuse new users, and is not necessary for a relaxation experience.


TransTech 200 award
TransTech 200 award